Fate by Numbers

Fate by Numbers

Solve the mystery in this noir-style detective adventure


  • Very original design
  • Excellent music


  • Slow to play

Very good

Fate by Numbers is a very original game developed by a group of four students as their graduation project for a Multimedia Design degree. They wanted to show that good games can be produced even with poor budgets.

Why is it original? Mainly because it's a full motion video game that mixes video recorded actors and 3D rendered backgrounds, and also because it's set in a futuristic metropolis with heavy 50's film noir influences.

It's funny to see old Cadillacs flying among buildings like the spinners in Blade Runner.

The game is designed in the old point-and-click adventure style, which makes it somewhat slow to play.

I guess I found it that slow because the intro and some other cutscenes seemed to take forever and all I wanted was to start playing once and for all.

Despite that, the mysterious, shadowy environment of the game is certainly attractive and the plot grips you from the beginning. Maybe the game's excellent soundtrack is part of the reason.

Fate by Numbers is a sci-fi noir FMV adventure game. You assume the role of Alice Sanger, female private eye. She is assigned to get a briefcase, but quickly finds herself immersed in a web of corruption and shadowy motives.

Fate by Numbers


Fate by Numbers

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